OUR OPINION: Traveling, but close to home


The following editorial in Fridays Lake City Reporter managed to misidentify the governor of Florida. Here is a corrected version, with our apologies. — Editor



Gov. Ron DeSantis, in Daytona Beach Thursday alongside state tourism officials, launched a new campaign to get Floridians out and about in their cars.

“While the pandemic is not over, and safety remains paramount, we encourage Floridians to venture out of their homes to enjoy everything our beautiful state has to offer,” he said.

He announced the initiative in an effort to shore up the lagging tourism industry against the ongoing threat of covid-19.

It is a noble effort.

But we always like to think a little bit closer to home.

So go see Mickey if you really want, but know that boosting the economy begins right here in Lake City, and you can do your part without traipsing halfway down the peninsula.

Go out to eat. 

Go to the movies (our local theater is now open).

Enjoy live music at a local venue.

The mouse can take care of himself. Our concern is with local merchants just scrambling to stay afloat.

You may not be craving a greasy burger from your favorite joint at just this moment, but you will be soon enough. If you don’t look out for the folks who’ve always looked out for you, they might not be there down the road.

Serious business still lies ahead, and we had better take care of one another until this dicey moment has passed.