Governor's task force: Focus on small business

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Members of a task force created by Gov. Ron DeSantis want more specifics about what hair salons, restaurants and other small businesses must do to reopen after being shut down because of the coronavirus.

During a conference call Wednesday of the executive committee of the Re-Open Florida Task Force, members expressed a need to hear less about what the state’s giant corporations are doing to get through the crisis.

The goal of the executive committee is to provide recommendations by the end of the week about reopening the state’ economy, with DeSantis’ office coming up with its proposals early next week. Working groups of the task force have been looking at issues involving specific industries.

DeSantis told reporters Wednesday that he wants medical professionals to talk with state licensing boards for different occupations, such as cosmetology and barbers, to discuss ways to reduce contact between employees and customers to prevent spread of the virus.

“I think there’s a path forward for a lot of this stuff, but you got to be smart about it and you have to do it intelligently,” he said.