FGC discounts online summer tuition

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Florida Gateway College has a new tuition initiative to help its current students (those currently enrolled in the Spring 2020 semester) who want to take summer courses online. They will have an opportunity to pay for one 3 credit hour online course and then have them able to take another 3 credit hour course online at no additional cost.

“While Florida Gateway College students and faculty and staff do their part to flatten the curve of the covid-19 virus, FGC will keep our current students ahead of the curve and on track for their future with a special Summer Online Tuition Program,” said FGC President Lawrence Barrett.

The special incentive is limited to one additional course per student. The course must be taken in the Summer Term 2020.  The incentive covers tuition costs only (fees and books are additional). Summer registration will open Monday, April 13, at 6 a.m. and a listing of all online course for the summer will be available April 8 by going to www.fgc.edu

“We believe this is a wonderful opportunity for our current students to earn 6 credits for approximately $309.96 plus books course fees and supplies — saving students approximately $310 during this difficult time,” Barrett said. “This initiative potentially helps alleviate some of the financial burden our students and families are facing while also attempting to bring some sense of stability through education in their lives.”

FGC is currently reviewing whether this initiative will be expanded to all students for the summer semester and will make a decision and announcement regarding this on April 20, 2020.

For more information on this offer and the Summer 2020 term, call 386-752-1822 or visit www.fgc.edu.