Nader Vakili, a plant geneticist, is responsible for the existence of the modern banana. In this photo, he examines a wild banana plant in his Lake City yard. At least one specimen is the direct descendant of a sample he brought back from Vietnam, where he did extensive research. During his travels Vakili brought back 700 edible varieties of banana and 23 species, taken from places such as Vietnam and the Philippines. (FILE)
Nader Vakili, a plant geneticist, holds the fruits of his long-ago labors: the modern banana. (FILE)
Vakili is also an accomplished wood sculptor, evident by this duck. (FILE)
One of Nader Vakili's sculptures titled “Wren’s Nest,” which is more than 6 feet tall and 18 inches wide. (FILE)
Machete in hand, Nader Vakili examines and trims any of his banana plants that need it. (FILE)
A sculpture Nader Vakili titled “Alzheimer’s,” after the disease that afflicted his wife,  who died in June. (FILE)

'My wild heart': Daughter of famed local plant geneticist tells the story, on film, of Nader Vakili’s love affair with his late wife, her mother

A labor of love about a globetrotting plant geneticist with a passion for wood sculpting who struggles with losing his wife to Alzheimer’s after they retire to Lake City is set to premiere at the O


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