Verizon offering data relief during Irma

To all of its Florida customers in Hurricane Irma’s path, Verizon Wireless is saying, “We’ve got your back.”

Through midnight Monday, Verizon is giving postpaid customers talk, text and data relief with no overage fees while prepaid customers receive an extra 3 GB for data.

Wireless communication is essential during severe weather, Verizon officials said, which is why the Verizon network team prepares year-round to ensure a strong performance during times such as a hurricane.

Following the initial offer, Verizon will continue to closely monitor the storm’s path and impact and make additions and adjustments as needed, and will communicate those details as those decisions are made.

“We understand that our network is never more important than when disaster strikes,” said Russ Preite, president of the Southeast Market for Verizon. “This offer is just one way that we are showing our commitment to the entire state of Florida as this historic superstorm continues on its path to make landfall there.”

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