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Our opinion: Now or never

All the talk about the Blanche ends tonight. One way or another, the city council will end the debate on whether this project is the extravagant debacle we contend, or somehow in the best interest of anyone but the Valdosta-based developer who is behind it. If you have something to say, it is now or never.

We have made our position plain.

We supported the Blanche project in its original form, on condition that we would withdraw that support should the plan cease to make good fiscal sense for the city and its taxpayers.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened. The city decided to get a shiny new City Hall out of the deal, driving up the price dramatically. It soon became apparent just how great a burden that would place on taxpayers.

Ad valorem rates have already gone up in the city, and a new stormwater assessment fee — envisioned in April 2016 in part as a means of helping fund the Blanche — is near fruition.

Your presence is surely needed tonight at City Hall. There’s a workshop at 5, the council votes at 6.

We’ll see you there.

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