Dispatcher Marcel Ferro (seated) uses a backup code book to explain the Lake City Fire Department’s new Fire Priority Dispatch System that went online Wednesday. Firefighter Matt Herndon, (left) Communication Supervisor Megan Hollis and LCFD Assistant Chief Joshua Wehinger look on. The new fire and rescue dispatch system trains dispatchers on how to gather more pertinent information from 911 callers quickly and pass it along to responding fire and rescue first responders. (TODD WILSON/Lake City Reporter)

Detailed Dispatch: LCFD system gathers specific info

The Lake City Fire Department’s Fire Priority Dispatch System went online Wednesday and now provides firefighters more detailed information about each incident while they are responding to fire and rescue calls. The computer-based system leads…

Rehab Center registers new voters


A table featuring red, white and blue decorations was set up near the door at the Rehabilitation Center of Lake City Tuesday morning with the letters “V-O-T-E” in the center of the arrangement.